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org_virtualbox_SupDrvClient Class Reference

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Detailed Description

An attempt at getting that clientDied() notification. I don't think it'll work as I cannot figure out where/what creates the correct port right.

Definition at line 133 of file SUPDrv-darwin.cpp.

Public Member Functions

virtual IOReturn clientClose (void)
virtual IOReturn clientDied (void)
virtual bool finalize (IOOptionBits fOptions)
virtual bool initWithTask (task_t OwningTask, void *pvSecurityId, UInt32 u32Type)
virtual bool start (IOService *pProvider)
virtual void stop (IOService *pProvider)
virtual bool terminate (IOOptionBits fOptions=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static void sessionClose (RTPROCESS Process)

Private Member Functions

 OSDeclareDefaultStructors (org_virtualbox_SupDrvClient)

Private Attributes

task_t m_Task

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