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nsDequeFunctor Class Reference

#include <nsDeque.h>

Inherited by _Dealloc.

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The Deque is a very small, very efficient container object than can hold elements of type void*, offering the following features: Its interface supports pushing and popping of elements. It can iterate (via an interator class) its elements. When full, it can efficiently resize dynamically.

NOTE: The only bit of trickery here is that this deque is built upon a ring-buffer. Like all ring buffers, the first element may not be at index[0]. The mOrigin member determines where the first child is. This point is quietly hidden from customers of this class. The nsDequeFunctor class is used when you want to create callbacks between the deque and your generic code. Use these objects in a call to ForEach();

Definition at line 68 of file nsDeque.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void * operator() (void *anObject)=0

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