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matching::ParsedBoolFilter Class Reference

#include <Matching.h>

Inheritance diagram for matching::ParsedBoolFilter:

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Detailed Description

Represents a boolean filter. The string format is: "true|false|yes|no|1|0" or an empty string (any match).

Definition at line 276 of file Matching.h.

Public Member Functions

size_t errorPosition () const
bool isMatch (const BOOL aValue) const
bool isMatch (const bool aValue) const
bool isNull () const
bool isValid () const
ParsedBoolFilteroperator= (const Bstr &aFilter)
 ParsedBoolFilter (const Bstr &aFilter)

Protected Member Functions

bool isPreMatch () const

Protected Attributes

size_t mErrorPosition
bool mNull: 1
bool mValid: 1

Private Member Functions

void parse (const Bstr &aFilter)

Private Attributes

bool mValue: 1
bool mValueAny: 1

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