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com::VirtualBoxErrorInfo Class Reference

#include <VirtualBoxErrorInfo.h>

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Detailed Description

The VirtualBoxErrorInfo class implements the IVirtualBoxErrorInfo interface that provides extended error information about interface/component method invocation.

Rename IVirtualBoxErrorInfo/VirtualBoxErrorInfo to something like IExtendedErrorInfo since it's not actually VirtualBox-dependent any more. This will also require to create IExtendedErrorInfo.idl/h etc to let adding this class to custom type libraries.

Definition at line 57 of file VirtualBoxErrorInfo.h.

Public Member Functions

STDMETHOD() GetDescription (BSTR *description)
STDMETHOD() GetHelpContext (DWORD *pdwHelpContext)
STDMETHOD() GetHelpFile (BSTR *pBstrHelpFile)
STDMETHOD() GetSource (BSTR *source)
HRESULT init (IErrorInfo *aInfo)
HRESULT init (HRESULT aResultCode, const GUID *aIID, const char *aComponent, const char *aText, IVirtualBoxErrorInfo *aNext=NULL)
 STDMETHOD (COMGETTER(Next))(IVirtualBoxErrorInfo **aNext)
 STDMETHOD (COMGETTER(Component))(BSTR *aComponent)

Private Attributes

Bstr mComponent
Guid mIID
ComPtr< IVirtualBoxErrorInfo > mNext
HRESULT mResultCode
Bstr mText

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