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com::SupportErrorInfoDerived< B, C, I > Class Template Reference

#include <SupportErrorInfo.h>

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com::SupportErrorInfoImpl< C, I > com::SupportErrorInfoImpl< HardDisk2Attachment, IHardDisk2Attachment >

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Detailed Description

template<class B, class C, class I>
class com::SupportErrorInfoDerived< B, C, I >

The SupportErrorInfoDerived template class implements the remaining parts of error info support in addition to SupportErrorInfoBase.

These parts include the ISupportErrorInfo implementation on the MS COM platform and implementations of mandatory SupportErrorInfoBase virtual methods.

On MS COM, the C template argument must declare a COM interface map using BEGIN_COM_MAP / END_COM_MAP macros and this map must contain a COM_INTERFACE_ENTRY(ISupportErrorInfo) definition. All interface entries that follow it will be considered to support IErrorInfo, i.e. the InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo() implementation will return S_OK for the corresponding IIDs.

On all platforms, the C template argument must be a subclass of SupportErrorInfoBase and also define the following method: public static const char *ComponentName() that will be used as a value returned by the SupportErrorInfoBase::componentName() implementation.

If SupportErrorInfoBase is used as a base for an intermediate component base class FooBase then the final component FooFinal that inherits FooBase should use this template class as follows: class FooFinal : public SupportErrorInfoDerived <FooBase, FooFinal, IFoo> { ... };

Note that if you don not use intermediate component base classes, you should use the SupportErrorInfoImpl class as a base for your component instead.

B Intermediate component base derived from SupportErrorInfoBase.
C Component class that implements one or more COM interfaces.
I Default interface for the component (for short setError() versions).

Definition at line 494 of file SupportErrorInfo.h.

Public Member Functions

STDMETHOD() InterfaceSupportsErrorInfo (REFIID aIID)

Protected Member Functions

virtual const char * componentName () const
virtual const GUID & mainInterfaceID () const

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