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VirtualBox::CallbackEvent Class Reference

#include <VirtualBoxImpl.h>

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com::Event ExtraDataEvent GuestPropertyEvent MachineEvent SessionEvent SnapshotEvent

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Detailed Description

Abstract callback event class to asynchronously call VirtualBox callbacks on a dedicated event thread. Subclasses reimplement handleCallback() to call appropriate IVirtualBoxCallback methods depending on the event to be dispatched.

The VirtualBox instance passed to the constructor is strongly referenced, so that the VirtualBox singleton won't be released until the event gets handled by the event thread.

Definition at line 530 of file VirtualBoxImpl.h.

Public Member Functions

 CallbackEvent (VirtualBox *aVirtualBox)
virtual void handleCallback (const ComPtr< IVirtualBoxCallback > &aCallback)=0
void * handler ()

Private Attributes

ComObjPtr< VirtualBox, ComWeakRefmVirtualBox


class EventQueue

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