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VirtualBoxBase Class Reference

#include <VirtualBoxBase.h>

Inheritance diagram for VirtualBoxBase:

VirtualBoxBaseProto util::Lockable HostUSBDevice VirtualBoxBaseNEXT VirtualBoxBaseWithChildren VirtualBoxBaseWithTypedChildren< C > VirtualBoxBaseWithTypedChildren< Snapshot > HardDiskFormat ImageMediumBase OUSBDevice ProgressBase USBDeviceFilter VirtualBoxBaseWithChildrenNEXT VirtualBoxBaseWithTypedChildrenNEXT< C > VirtualBoxBaseWithTypedChildrenNEXT< HardDisk2 >

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Detailed Description

(dmik) remove after we switch to VirtualBoxBaseNEXT completely

Definition at line 298 of file VirtualBoxBase.h.

Public Types

typedef AutoCallerBase< false > AutoCaller
typedef AutoCallerBase< true > AutoLimitedCaller
enum  State {
  NotReady, Ready, InInit, InUninit,
  InitFailed, Limited, MayUninit, WillUninit

Public Member Functions

virtual HRESULT addCaller (State *aState=NULL, bool aLimited=false)
HRESULT addLimitedCaller (State *aState=NULL)
bool isLockedOnCurrentThread ()
bool isReady ()
bool isReady ()
bool isWriteLockOnCurrentThread ()
void lock ()
virtual RWLockHandlelockHandle () const
virtual void releaseCaller ()
LockOps * rlock ()
void setReady (bool isReady)
void setReady (bool isReady)
virtual void uninit ()
virtual void uninit ()
void unlock ()
LockOps * wlock ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const char * translate (const char *context, const char *sourceText, const char *comment=0)
static const char * translate (const char *context, const char *sourceText, const char *comment=0)

Protected Member Functions

WriteLockHandlestateLockHandle ()

Private Attributes

bool mReady


class  AutoLock

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