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VBoxVMListBoxItem Class Reference

#include <VBoxVMListBox.h>

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Detailed Description

The VBoxVMListBoxItem class is a visual representation of the virtual machine in the VBoxVMListBox widget.

It holds a CMachine instance (passed to the constructor) to get an access to various VM data.

Definition at line 103 of file VBoxVMListBox.h.

Public Member Functions

const CVirtualBoxErrorInfo & accessError () const
bool accessible () const
bool canSwitchTo () const
int height (const QListBox *) const
QUuid id () const
CMachine machine () const
QString name () const
void recache ()
KSessionState sessionState () const
void setMachine (const CMachine &aM)
ULONG snapshotCount () const
KMachineState state () const
bool switchTo ()
QString text () const
QString toolTipText () const
 VBoxVMListBoxItem (VBoxVMListBox *aLB, const CMachine &aM)
VBoxVMListBoxvmListBox () const
int width (const QListBox *) const

Protected Member Functions

void paint (QPainter *aP)

Private Attributes

CVirtualBoxErrorInfo mAccessError
bool mAccessible
QUuid mId
QDateTime mLastStateChange
CMachine mMachine
QString mName
QString mOSTypeId
KSessionState mSessionState
QString mSettingsFile
ULONG mSnapshotCount
QString mSnapshotName
KMachineState mState

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