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VBoxSnapshotsWgt::ListViewItem Class Reference

#include <VBoxSnapshotsWgt.ui.h>

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Detailed Description

VBox frontends: Qt GUI ("VirtualBox"): Snapshot details dialog (Qt Designer) QListViewItem subclass for snapshots

Definition at line 36 of file VBoxSnapshotsWgt.ui.h.

Public Member Functions

bool bold () const
bool italic () const
 ListViewItem (QListViewItem *lvi, const CMachine &aMachine)
 ListViewItem (QListView *lv, const CMachine &aMachine)
 ListViewItem (QListViewItem *lvi, const CSnapshot &aSnapshot)
 ListViewItem (QListView *lv, const CSnapshot &aSnapshot)
KMachineState machineState () const
void okRename (int aCol)
void paintCell (QPainter *p, const QColorGroup &cg, int column, int width, int align)
void recache ()
void setBold (bool bold)
void setItalic (bool italic)
CSnapshot snapshot () const
QUuid snapshotId () const
QString toolTipText () const
void updateCurrentState (KMachineState aState)
int width (const QFontMetrics &fm, const QListView *lv, int c) const

Private Attributes

bool mBld: 1
bool mCurStateModified
QString mDesc
QUuid mId
bool mItal: 1
CMachine mMachine
KMachineState mMachineState
bool mOnline
CSnapshot mSnapshot
QDateTime mTimestamp

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