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VBoxSDLCallback Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Callback handler for VirtualBox events

Definition at line 235 of file VBoxSDL.cpp.

Public Member Functions

STDMETHOD() OnExtraDataCanChange (IN_GUID machineId, IN_BSTR key, IN_BSTR value, BSTR *error, BOOL *changeAllowed)
STDMETHOD() OnExtraDataChange (IN_GUID machineId, IN_BSTR key, IN_BSTR value)
STDMETHOD() OnGuestPropertyChange (IN_GUID machineId, IN_BSTR key, IN_BSTR value, IN_BSTR flags)
STDMETHOD() OnMachineDataChange (IN_GUID machineId)
STDMETHOD() OnMachineRegistered (IN_GUID machineId, BOOL registered)
NS_DECL_ISUPPORTS STDMETHOD() OnMachineStateChange (IN_GUID machineId, MachineState_T state)
STDMETHOD() OnMediaRegistered (IN_GUID mediaId, DeviceType_T mediaType, BOOL registered)
STDMETHOD() OnSessionStateChange (IN_GUID machineId, SessionState_T state)
STDMETHOD() OnSnapshotChange (IN_GUID aMachineId, IN_GUID aSnapshotId)
STDMETHOD() OnSnapshotDiscarded (IN_GUID aMachineId, IN_GUID aSnapshotId)
STDMETHOD() OnSnapshotTaken (IN_GUID aMachineId, IN_GUID aSnapshotId)

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