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QIApplication Class Reference

#include <QIApplication.h>

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Detailed Description

Sligtly modified QApplication class.

The sole purpose of this class (ATM) is to hook the macEventFilter in order to intercept Command-Q, Command-H and similar menu hot-keys before the HI Manager translate them into (menu) command events and start blinking menus in the menu bar.

A special hack in qeventloop_mac.cpp is required for this to work. Overloading QEventLoop::processEvents isn't feasable unfortunately, thus the horrible hacks. Qt 4 does seem to provide an interface similar to the one we create here.
Btw. is QI* the right right way to do this? Or should it perhapse be called VBoxQApplication or something?

Definition at line 47 of file QIApplication.h.

Public Member Functions

 QIApplication (int &argc, char **argv)
 QIApplication (int &argc, char **argv)

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