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QIAbstractWizard Class Reference

#include <QIAbstractWizard.h>

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Detailed Description

QLabel reimplementation used as text viewers in different wizards: 1. Updates sizeHint() on request to feat some minimum width for getting more compact layout. 2. Tries to take into account horizontal scrollbar if present to avoid vertical scrollbar appearing.

--> uses now global QILabel QDialog reimplementation used as abstract interface in different wizards: 1. Performs most of initializations for inherited wizards including next, back, cancel, finish buttons, icons and text labels. 2. Handles show event common for all wizards.

Definition at line 79 of file QIAbstractWizard.h.

Public Member Functions

 QIAbstractWizard (QWidget *aParent=0, Qt::WindowFlags aFlags=0)

Protected Slots

virtual void onPageShow ()=0
virtual void showBackPage ()
virtual void showNextPage ()

Protected Member Functions

QPushButton * backButton (QWidget *aOfPage=0)
QPushButton * cancelButton (QWidget *aOfPage=0)
QPushButton * finishButton ()
void initializeWizardFtr ()
void initializeWizardHdr ()
QPushButton * nextButton (QWidget *aOfPage=0)
void showEvent (QShowEvent *aEvent)

Private Member Functions

int backButtonIndex (QPushButton *aBackButton)
QPushButton * getButton (QWidget *aOfPage, const QString &aRegExp)
int nextButtonIndex (QPushButton *aNextButton)

Private Attributes

QList< QPushButton * > mBackButtons
QList< QPushButton * > mCancelButtons
QPushButton * mFinishButton
QList< QPushButton * > mNextButtons
QStackedWidget * mStackedWidget

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