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ComPtrBase< C, RefOps > Class Template Reference

#include <ptr.h>

Inheritance diagram for ComPtrBase< C, RefOps >:

ComObjPtr< C, RefOps >

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Detailed Description

template<class C, template< class > class RefOps = ComStrongRef>
class ComPtrBase< C, RefOps >

Base template for smart COM pointers. Not intended to be used directly.

Definition at line 159 of file ptr.h.

Public Member Functions

C ** asOutParam ()
template<class OC>
bool equalsTo (const ComPtrBase< OC > &oc) const
template<class I>
bool equalsTo (I *aThat) const
bool isNull () const
 operator C * () const
bool operator! () const
NoAddRefRelease< C > * operator-> () const
bool operator< (C *that_p) const
bool operator== (C *that_p) const
template<class I>
HRESULT queryInterfaceTo (I **pp) const
void setNull ()

Protected Member Functions

 ComPtrBase (C *that_p)
 ComPtrBase (const ComPtrBase &that)
ComPtrBaseoperator= (C *that_p)
ComPtrBaseoperator= (const ComPtrBase &that)

Private Member Functions

void addref ()
void release ()
void safe_assign (C *that_p)

Private Attributes

C * p


class  NoAddRefRelease

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