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CategoryNode Class Reference

#include <nsCategoryManager.h>

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Detailed Description

CategoryNode keeps a hashtable of it's entries. the CategoryNode itself is permanently allocated in the arena.

Definition at line 80 of file nsCategoryManager.h.

Public Member Functions

NS_METHOD AddLeaf (const char *aEntryName, const char *aValue, PRBool aPersist, PRBool aReplace, char **_retval, PLArenaPool *aArena)
void Clear ()
PRUint32 Count ()
NS_METHOD DeleteLeaf (const char *aEntryName, PRBool aDontPersist)
NS_METHOD Enumerate (nsISimpleEnumerator **_retval)
NS_METHOD GetLeaf (const char *aEntryName, char **_retval)
void operator delete (void *)
PRBool WritePersistentEntries (PRFileDesc *fd, const char *aCategoryName)

Static Public Member Functions

static CategoryNodeCreate (PLArenaPool *aArena)

Private Member Functions

void * operator new (size_t aSize, PLArenaPool *aArena)

Private Attributes

PRLock * mLock
nsTHashtable< CategoryLeafmTable

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