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typedef DECLCALLBACK ( int   ) 

Callback for retaining an object during the lookup and free calls.

This callback is executed when a handle is being looked up in one way or another from behind the handle table lock. This allows you to increase the reference (or some equivalent thing) during the handle lookup and thereby eliminate any race with anyone trying to free the handle.

Note that there is no counterpart to this callback, so if you make use of this you'll have to release the object manually of course.

Another use of this callback is to do some extra access checking. Use the return code to indicate whether the lookup should fail or not (no object is returned on faliure, naturally).

IPRT status code for the lookup (the caller won't see this).
hHandleTable The handle table handle.
pvObj The object which has been looked up.
pvCtx The context argument if the handle table was created with the RTHANDLETABLE_FLAGS_CONTEXT set. Otherwise NULL.
pvUser The user context argument specified when creating the table.

figure out what the difference between FPU ports 0xf0 and 0xf1 are...

Definition at line 456 of file VBoxRecompiler.c.


     * Save the required CPU Env bits.
     * (Not much because we're never in REM when doing the save.)
    PREM pRem = &pVM->rem.s;
    SSMR3PutU32(pSSM,   pRem->Env.hflags);
    SSMR3PutU32(pSSM,   ~0);            /* separator */

    /* Remember if we've entered raw mode (vital for ring 1 checks in e.g. iret emulation). */
    SSMR3PutU32(pSSM, !!(pRem->Env.state & CPU_RAW_RING0));
    SSMR3PutUInt(pSSM, pVM->rem.s.u32PendingInterrupt);

    return SSMR3PutU32(pSSM, ~0);       /* terminator */

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