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int kLdrModReload ( PKLDRMOD  pMod  ) 

Reloads all dirty pages in a module previously mapped by kLdrModMap().

The module interpreter may omit code pages if it can safely apply code fixups again in a subsequent kLdrModFixupMapping() call.

The caller is responsible for freeing TLS before calling this function.

0 on success, non-zero OS or kLdr status code on failure.
pMod The module.

Definition at line 590 of file kLdrMod.c.

References KLDRMOD_VALIDATE, KLDRMODOPS::pfnReload, and KLDRMOD::pOps.

Referenced by BasicTestsSubMap2(), and kldrDyldModReload().

    return pMod->pOps->pfnReload(pMod);

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