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int(* KDBGMODOPS::pfnOpen)(PKDBGMOD *ppMod, PKRDR pRdr, KBOOL fCloseRdr, KFOFF off, KFOFF cb, struct KLDRMOD *pLdrMod)

Tries to open the module.

0 on success, KDBG_ERR on failure.
ppMod Where to store the module that's been opened.
pRdr The file provider.
fCloseRdrs Whether the reader should be closed or not when the module is destroyed.
off The file offset of the debug info. This is 0 if there isn't any specfic debug info section and the reader should start looking for debug info at the start of the file.
cb The size of the debug info in the file. INT64_MAX if we don't know or there isn't any particular debug info section in the file.
pLdrMod The associated loader module. This can be NULL.

Referenced by kdbgModuleOpenWorker().

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