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static int BasicTestsSubMap ( PKLDRMOD  pMod  )  [static]

Tests the mapping related api.

Definition at line 571 of file tstkLdrMod.c.

References BasicTestsSubMap2(), Failure(), kLdrModMap(), and kLdrModUnmap().

Referenced by BasicTests().

    int rc, rc2;
    printf("* Mapping tests...\n");

    rc = kLdrModMap(pMod);
    if (rc)
        return Failure("kLdrModMap failed, rc=%d (%s)", rc, kErrName(rc));
    rc = BasicTestsSubMap2(pMod);
    rc2 = kLdrModUnmap(pMod);
    if (rc2)
        Failure("kLdrModUnmap failed, rc=%d (%s)", rc2, kErrName(rc2));
        rc = rc ? rc : rc2;

    printf("* Mapping tests done.\n");
    return rc;

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