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static int TestMemComp ( const void *  pv1,
const void *  pv2,
KSIZE  cb 
) [static]

Verbose memcmp().

Definition at line 92 of file tstkLdrMod.c.

References KSIZE.

Referenced by BasicTestsRelocate().

    KSIZE           off;
    const KU8      *pb1 = (const KU8 *)pv1;
    const KU8      *pb2 = (const KU8 *)pv2;
    if (!memcmp(pb1, pb2, cb))
        return 0;
    printf("Mismatching blocks pv1=%p pv2=%p cb=%#x:\n", pv1, pv2, cb);
    for (off = 0; off < cb; off++)
        if (pb1[off] == pb2[off])
        printf("%08x %02x != %02x\n", off, pb1[off], pb2[off]);
    return memcmp(pb1, pb2, cb); /* lazy */

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