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typedef int FNKLDRENUMRSRC(PKLDRMOD pMod, KU32 idType, const char *pszType, KU32 idName, const char *pszName, KU32 idLang, KLDRADDR AddrRsrc, KLDRSIZE cbRsrc, void *pvUser)

Resource enumerator callback.

0 to continue the enumeration.

non-zero if the enumeration should stop. This status code will then be returned by kLdrModEnumResources().

pMod The module.
idType The resource type id. NIL_KLDRMOD_RSRC_TYPE_ID if no type id.
pszType The resource type name. NULL if no type name.
idName The resource id. NIL_KLDRMOD_RSRC_NAME_ID if no id.
pszName The resource name. NULL if no name.
idLang The language id.
AddrRsrc The address value for the resource.
cbRsrc The size of the resource.
pvUser The user parameter specified to kLdrModEnumDbgInfo.

Definition at line 550 of file kLdr.h.

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