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int kLdrModHasDbgInfo ( PKLDRMOD  pMod,
const void *  pvBits 

Checks if the module has debug info embedded or otherwise associated with it.

0 if it has debug info, KLDR_ERR_NO_DEBUG_INFO if no debug info, and non-zero OS or kLdr status code on failure.
pMod The module.
pvBits Optional pointer to bits returned by kLdrModGetBits(). This can be used by some module interpreters to reduce memory consumption.

Definition at line 495 of file kLdrMod.c.

References KLDRMOD_VALIDATE, KLDRMODOPS::pfnHasDbgInfo, and KLDRMOD::pOps.

Referenced by BasicTestsSub2().

    return pMod->pOps->pfnHasDbgInfo(pMod, pvBits);

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