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typedef int FNKLDRENUMDBG(PKLDRMOD pMod, KU32 iDbgInfo, KLDRDBGINFOTYPE enmType, KI16 iMajorVer, KI16 iMinorVer, KLDRFOFF offFile, KLDRADDR LinkAddress, KLDRSIZE cb, const char *pszExtFile, void *pvUser)

Debug info enumerator callback.

0 to continue the enumeration.

non-zero if the enumeration should stop. This status code will then be returned by kLdrModEnumDbgInfo().

pMod The module.
iDbgInfo The debug info ordinal number / id.
enmType The debug info type.
iMajorVer The major version number of the debug info format. -1 if unknow - implies invalid iMinorVer.
iMinorVer The minor version number of the debug info format. -1 when iMajorVer is -1.
offFile The file offset *if* this type has one specific location in the executable image file. This is -1 if there isn't any specific file location.
LinkAddress The link address of the debug info if it's loadable. NIL_KLDRADDR if not loadable.
cb The size of the debug information. -1 is used if this isn't applicable.
pszExtFile This points to the name of an external file containing the debug info. This is NULL if there isn't any external file.
pvUser The user parameter specified to kLdrModEnumDbgInfo.

Definition at line 529 of file kLdr.h.

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