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KDBGMODOPS Struct Reference
[Debug Info Reader]

#include <kDbgAll.h>

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Detailed Description

The debug module method table.

Definition at line 46 of file kDbgAll.h.

Public Attributes

int(* pfnClose )(PKDBGMOD pMod)
int(* pfnOpen )(PKDBGMOD *ppMod, PKRDR pRdr, KBOOL fCloseRdr, KFOFF off, KFOFF cb, struct KLDRMOD *pLdrMod)
int(* pfnQueryLine )(PKDBGMOD pMod, KI32 iSegment, KDBGADDR uOffset, PKDBGLINE pLine)
int(* pfnQuerySymbol )(PKDBGMOD pMod, KI32 iSegment, KDBGADDR off, PKDBGSYMBOL pSym)
struct KDBGMODOPSpNext
const char * pszName
const char * pszName2

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