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int strncmp ( const char *  pszStr1,
const char *  pszStr2,
size_t  cb 

strncmp - Compare two length-limited strings : One string : Another string : The maximum number of bytes to compare

Definition at line 38 of file strncmp.cpp.

References fini().

Referenced by VBoxDbgStatsView::branchMenuActivated(), DarwinCursorCreate(), dbgcRoutineLookup(), DECLCALLBACK(), GetImport(), main(), rtPathCompare(), rtstrFormatRt(), supdrvIOCtl(), testLdrOne(), usbPrefix(), usbProxyLinuxFindActiveConfig(), and usbReadNum().

    const char* fini = pszStr1+cb;
    while (pszStr1 < fini)
        int res=*pszStr1-*pszStr2;
        if (res)
            return res;
        if (!*pszStr1)
            return 0;
        ++pszStr1; ++pszStr2;
    return 0;

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