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static int kldrDyldCopyError ( int  rc,
char *  pszErr,
KSIZE  cchErr 
) [static]

Copies the error string to the user buffer.

rc The status code.
pszErr Where to copy the error string to.
cchErr The size of the destination buffer.

Definition at line 1491 of file kLdrDyld.c.

References g_szkLdrDyldError, and KSIZE.

Referenced by kldrDyldDoLoad().

    KSIZE  cchToCopy;

    /* if no error string, format the rc into a string. */
    if (!g_szkLdrDyldError[0] && rc)
        kHlpInt2Ascii(g_szkLdrDyldError, sizeof(g_szkLdrDyldError), rc, 10);

    /* copy it if we got something. */
    if (cchErr && pszErr && g_szkLdrDyldError[0])
        cchToCopy = kHlpStrLen(g_szkLdrDyldError);
        if (cchToCopy >= cchErr)
            cchToCopy = cchErr - 1;
        kHlpMemCopy(pszErr, g_szkLdrDyldError, cchToCopy);
        pszErr[cchToCopy] = '\0';

    return rc;

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