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#include <string>


 * Debug info cache.
 * An objects of this class acts a frontend to the low-level
 * debug info readers.
00013 class kPrfDebugInfoCache
    kPrfDebugInfoCache(unsigned cMaxModules = ~0U);

    /** Resolves a symbol in a specific module. */
    int findSymbol();
    int findLine();

 * Internal class which does the reader job behind the API / commandline tool.
00027 class kPrfReader
    kPrfReader(const char *pszDataSetPath);

    /** Analyses the data set. */
    int analyse(int fSomeOptionsIHaventFiguredOutYet);

    /** Writes the analysis report as HTML. */
    int reportAsHtml(FILE *pOut);

    /** Dumps the data set in a raw fashion to the specified file stream. */
    int dump(FILE *pOut);

    /** Pointer to the debug info cache object. */
00044     kPrfDebugInfoCache *pDbgCache;

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