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VBoxDbgStats Class Reference

#include <VBoxDbgStats.h>

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Detailed Description

The VM statistics window.

This class displays the statistics of a VM. The UI contains a entry field for the selection pattern, a refresh interval spinbutton, and the tree view with the statistics.

Definition at line 356 of file VBoxDbgStats.h.

Public Member Functions

 VBoxDbgStats (PVM pVM, const char *pszPat=NULL, unsigned uRefreshRate=0, QWidget *pParent=NULL, const char *pszName=NULL, WFlags f=0)
virtual ~VBoxDbgStats ()

Protected Slots

void apply (const QString &Str)
void applyAll ()
void refresh ()
void setRefresh (int iRefresh)

Protected Member Functions

bool isVMOk () const
int dbgcCreate (PDBGCBACK pBack, unsigned fFlags)
int stamEnum (const char *pszPat, PFNSTAMR3ENUM pfnEnum, void *pvUser)
int stamReset (const char *pszPat)
virtual void sigTerminated ()

Protected Attributes

QString m_PatStr
QComboBox * m_pPatCB
QTimer * m_pTimer
unsigned m_uRefreshRate

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