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com Namespace Reference
[COM/XPCOM Arrays]

Detailed Description

Declares a whar_t string literal from the argument. Necessary to overcome MSC / GCC differences.
s expression to stringify


class  Bstr
class  ErrorInfo
class  ErrorInfoKeeper
class  Event
class  EventQueue
struct  FormatData
class  Guid
class  LWResult
class  ProgressErrorInfo
class  SafeArray
struct  SafeArrayTraits
struct  SafeArrayTraits< BSTR >
struct  SafeArrayTraits< LONG >
struct  SafeArrayTraits< ULONG >
class  SafeIfaceArray
struct  SafeIfaceArrayTraits
class  Utf8Str
class  Utf8StrFmt
class  Utf8StrFmtVA


 DECLCALLBACK (size_t) Utf8StrFmt
void GetInterfaceNameByIID (const GUID &aIID, BSTR *aName)
int GetVBoxUserHomeDirectory (char *aDir, size_t aDirLen)
HRESULT Initialize ()
bool operator!= (const char *l, const Utf8Str &r)
bool operator!= (const BSTR l, const Bstr &r)
bool operator== (const char *l, const Utf8Str &r)
bool operator== (const BSTR l, const Bstr &r)
HRESULT Shutdown ()

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