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struct KPRF_TYPE ( FRAME   )  [read]

Stack frame.

Pointer to a stack frame.

Definition at line 249 of file prfcore.h.h.

References KPRF_TYPE.

    /** The accumulated overhead.
     * Over head is accumulated by the parent frame when a child is poped off the stack. */
    KU64                    OverheadTicks;
    /** The current (top of stack) overhead. */
    KU64                    CurOverheadTicks;
    /** The accumulated sleep ticks.
     * It's possible to notify the profiler that the thread is being put into a wait/sleep/yield
     * state. The time spent sleeping is transfered to the parent frame when poping of a child one. */
    KU64                    SleepTicks;
    /** The start of the on-stack period. */
    KU64                    OnStackStart;
    /** The accumulated time on top (excludes overhead (sleep doesn't apply here obviously)). */
    KU64                    OnTopOfStackTicks;
    /** The start of the current on-top-of-stack period.
     * This is also to mark the start of a sleeping period, the ResumeThread function will always
     * treat it as the start of the suspend period. */
    KU64                    OnTopOfStackStart;
    /** The number of calls made from this stack frame. */
    KU64                    cCalls;
    /** Stack address of this frame.
     * This is used to detect throw and longjmp, and is also used to deal with overflow. (relative address) */
    KPRF_TYPE(,UPTR)        uFramePtr;
    /** Offset (relative to the profiler header) to the function record.
     * This is 0 if we're out of function space. */
    KU32                    offFunction;

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