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struct KPRF_TYPE ( FUNC   )  [read]

The profiler data for a function.

Pointer to the profiler data for a function.

Definition at line 219 of file prfcore.h.h.

References KPRF_TYPE.

    /** The entry address of the function. (relative address)
     * This is the return address of the entry hook (_mcount, _penter, _ProfileHook32, ...). */
    KPRF_TYPE(,UPTR)        uEntryPtr;
    /** Offset (relative to the profiler header) of the module segment to which this function belongs. */
    KU32                    offModSeg;

    /** The number times on the stack. */
    KU64 volatile           cOnStack;
    /** The number of calls made from this function. */
    KU64 volatile           cCalls;

    /** Time on stack. */
    KPRF_TYPE(,TIMESTAT)    OnStack;
    /** Time on top of the stack, i.e. executing. */
    KPRF_TYPE(,TIMESTAT)    OnTopOfStack;

    /** @todo recursion */


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