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struct KPRF_TYPE ( MODSEG   )  [read]

A Module Segment.

Pointer to a module segment.

Definition at line 193 of file prfcore.h.h.

References KPRF_TYPE.

    /** The address of the segment. (relative address) */
    KPRF_TYPE(,UPTR)        uBasePtr;
    /** The size of the segment minus one (so the entire address space can be covered). */
    KPRF_TYPE(,UPTR)        cbSegmentMinusOne;
    /** The segment number. (0 based) */
    KU32                    iSegment;
    /** Flag indicating whether this segment is loaded or not.
     * (A 16-bit value was choosen out of convenience, all that's stored is 0 or 1 anyway.) */
    KU16                    fLoaded;
    /** The length of the path.
     * This is used to calculate the length of the record: offsetof(MODSEG, szPath) + cchPath + 1 */
    KU16                    cchPath;
    /** The module name. */
    char                    szPath[1];

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