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ComPtr< IUnknown, RefOps > Class Template Reference

#include <ptr.h>

Inheritance diagram for ComPtr< IUnknown, RefOps >:

ComPtrBase< IUnknown, RefOps >

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Detailed Description

template<template< class > class RefOps>
class ComPtr< IUnknown, RefOps >

Specialization of ComPtr<> for IUnknown to guarantee identity by always doing QueryInterface() when constructing or assigning from another interface pointer disregarding its type.

Definition at line 425 of file ptr.h.

Public Member Functions

IUnknown ** asOutParam ()
template<class OC>
 ComPtr (const ComPtr< OC, RefOps > &oc)
template<class OI>
 ComPtr (OI *that_p)
 ComPtr (const ComPtr &that)
bool equalsTo (const ComPtrBase< OC > &oc) const
bool equalsTo (I *aThat) const
bool isNull () const
 operator IUnknown * () const
bool operator! () const
NoAddRefRelease< IUnknown > * operator-> () const
bool operator< (IUnknown *that_p) const
template<class OC>
ComPtroperator= (const ComPtr< OC, RefOps > &oc)
template<class OI>
ComPtroperator= (OI *that_p)
ComPtroperator= (const ComPtr &that)
bool operator== (IUnknown *that_p) const
HRESULT queryInterfaceTo (I **pp) const
void setNull ()

Private Types

typedef ComPtrBase< IUnknown,
RefOps > 

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