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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 2 -*- */
/* ***** BEGIN LICENSE BLOCK *****
 * Version: MPL 1.1/GPL 2.0/LGPL 2.1
 * The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License Version
 * 1.1 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
 * the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
 * http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/
 * Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
 * WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
 * for the specific language governing rights and limitations under the
 * License.
 * The Original Code is the Netscape Portable Runtime (NSPR).
 * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is
 * Netscape Communications Corporation.
 * Portions created by the Initial Developer are Copyright (C) 1998-2000
 * the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
 * Contributor(s):
 * Alternatively, the contents of this file may be used under the terms of
 * either the GNU General Public License Version 2 or later (the "GPL"), or
 * the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 2.1 or later (the "LGPL"),
 * in which case the provisions of the GPL or the LGPL are applicable instead
 * of those above. If you wish to allow use of your version of this file only
 * under the terms of either the GPL or the LGPL, and not to allow others to
 * use your version of this file under the terms of the MPL, indicate your
 * decision by deleting the provisions above and replace them with the notice
 * and other provisions required by the GPL or the LGPL. If you do not delete
 * the provisions above, a recipient may use your version of this file under
 * the terms of any one of the MPL, the GPL or the LGPL.
 * ***** END LICENSE BLOCK ***** */

** file:            inrval.c
** description:     Interval conversion test.
** Modification History:
** 15-May-97 AGarcia- Converted the test to accomodate the debug_mode flag.
**             The debug mode will print all of the printfs associated with this test.
**                 The regress mode will be the default mode. Since the regress tool limits
**           the output to a one line status:PASS or FAIL,all of the printf statements
**                 have been handled with an if (debug_mode) statement.
** 04-June-97 AGarcia removed the Test_Result function. Regress tool has been updated to
**                recognize the return code from tha main program.
** Includes
/* Used to get the command line option */
#include "plgetopt.h"

#include "prinit.h"
#ifdef XP_MAC
#include "pralarm.h"
#include "obsolete/pralarm.h"

#include "prio.h"
#include "prprf.h"
#include "prlock.h"
#include "prlong.h"
#include "prcvar.h"
#include "prinrval.h"
#include "prtime.h"

#include "plgetopt.h"

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

static PRIntn debug_mode;
static PRFileDesc *output;

static void TestConversions(void)
    PRIntervalTime ticks = PR_TicksPerSecond();

      if (debug_mode) {
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_TicksPerSecond: %ld\n\n", ticks);
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_SecondsToInterval(1): %ld\n", PR_SecondsToInterval(1));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_MillisecondsToInterval(1000): %ld\n", PR_MillisecondsToInterval(1000));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_MicrosecondsToInterval(1000000): %ld\n\n", PR_MicrosecondsToInterval(1000000));

    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_SecondsToInterval(3): %ld\n", PR_SecondsToInterval(3));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_MillisecondsToInterval(3000): %ld\n", PR_MillisecondsToInterval(3000));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_MicrosecondsToInterval(3000000): %ld\n\n", PR_MicrosecondsToInterval(3000000));

    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_IntervalToSeconds(%ld): %ld\n", ticks, PR_IntervalToSeconds(ticks));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_IntervalToMilliseconds(%ld): %ld\n", ticks, PR_IntervalToMilliseconds(ticks));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_IntervalToMicroseconds(%ld): %ld\n\n", ticks, PR_IntervalToMicroseconds(ticks));

    ticks *= 3;
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_IntervalToSeconds(%ld): %ld\n", ticks, PR_IntervalToSeconds(ticks));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_IntervalToMilliseconds(%ld): %ld\n", ticks, PR_IntervalToMilliseconds(ticks));
    PR_fprintf(output, "PR_IntervalToMicroseconds(%ld): %ld\n\n", ticks, PR_IntervalToMicroseconds(ticks));
      } /*end debug mode */
}  /* TestConversions */

static void TestIntervalOverhead(void)
    /* Hopefully the optimizer won't delete this function */
    PRUint32 elapsed, per_call, loops = 1000000;

    PRIntervalTime timeout, timein = PR_IntervalNow();
    while (--loops > 0)
        timeout = PR_IntervalNow();

    elapsed = 1000U * PR_IntervalToMicroseconds(timeout - timein);
    per_call = elapsed / 1000000U;
        output, "Overhead of 'PR_IntervalNow()' is %u nsecs\n\n", per_call);
}  /* TestIntervalOverhead */

static void TestNowOverhead(void)
    PRTime timeout, timein;
    PRInt32 overhead, loops = 1000000;
    PRInt64 elapsed, per_call, ten23rd, ten26th;

    LL_I2L(ten23rd, 1000);
    LL_I2L(ten26th, 1000000);

    timein = PR_Now();
    while (--loops > 0)
        timeout = PR_Now();

    LL_SUB(elapsed, timeout, timein);
    LL_MUL(elapsed, elapsed, ten23rd);
    LL_DIV(per_call, elapsed, ten26th);
    LL_L2I(overhead, per_call);
        output, "Overhead of 'PR_Now()' is %u nsecs\n\n", overhead);
}  /* TestNowOverhead */

static void TestIntervals(void)
    PRStatus rv;
    PRUint32 delta;
    PRInt32 seconds;
    PRUint64 elapsed, thousand;
    PRTime timein, timeout;
    PRLock *ml = PR_NewLock();
    PRCondVar *cv = PR_NewCondVar(ml);
    for (seconds = 0; seconds < 10; ++seconds)
        PRIntervalTime ticks = PR_SecondsToInterval(seconds);
        timein = PR_Now();
        rv = PR_WaitCondVar(cv, ticks);
        timeout = PR_Now();
        LL_SUB(elapsed, timeout, timein);
        LL_I2L(thousand, 1000);
        LL_DIV(elapsed, elapsed, thousand);
        LL_L2UI(delta, elapsed);
        if (debug_mode) PR_fprintf(output, 
            "TestIntervals: %swaiting %ld seconds took %ld msecs\n",
            ((rv == PR_SUCCESS) ? "" : "FAILED "), seconds, delta);
    if (debug_mode) PR_fprintf(output, "\n");
}  /* TestIntervals */

static PRIntn PR_CALLBACK RealMain(int argc, char** argv)
    PRUint32 vcpu, cpus = 0, loops = 1000;

      /* The command line argument: -d is used to determine if the test is being run
      in debug mode. The regress tool requires only one line output:PASS or FAIL.
      All of the printfs associated with this test has been handled with a if (debug_mode)
      Usage: test_name -d

 /* main test */
      PLOptStatus os;
      PLOptState *opt = PL_CreateOptState(argc, argv, "dl:c:");
      while (PL_OPT_EOL != (os = PL_GetNextOpt(opt)))
            if (PL_OPT_BAD == os) continue;
        switch (opt->option)
        case 'd':  /* debug mode */
                  debug_mode = 1;
        case 'c':  /* concurrency counter */
                  cpus = atoi(opt->value);
        case 'l':  /* loop counter */
                  loops = atoi(opt->value);
    output = PR_GetSpecialFD(PR_StandardOutput);
    PR_fprintf(output, "inrval: Examine stdout to determine results.\n");

    if (cpus == 0) cpus = 8;
    if (loops == 0) loops = 1000;

    if (debug_mode > 0)
        PR_fprintf(output, "Inrval: Using %d loops\n", loops);
        PR_fprintf(output, "Inrval: Using 1 and %d cpu(s)\n", cpus);

    for (vcpu = 1; vcpu <= cpus; vcpu += cpus - 1)
        if (debug_mode)
            PR_fprintf(output, "\nInrval: Using %d CPU(s)\n\n", vcpu);

    return 0;

PRIntn main(PRIntn argc, char *argv[])
    PRIntn rv;
    rv = PR_Initialize(RealMain, argc, argv, 0);
    return rv;
}  /* main */

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