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string.h File Reference

Detailed Description

MS COM / XPCOM Abstraction Layer: Smart string classes declaration

Definition in file string.h.

#include <nsMemory.h>
#include "VBox/com/defs.h"
#include "VBox/com/assert.h"
#include <iprt/string.h>
#include <iprt/alloc.h>

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namespace  com


class  com::Bstr
class  com::Utf8Str
class  com::Utf8StrFmt
class  com::Utf8StrFmtVA


bool com::operator!= (const char *l, const Utf8Str &r)
bool com::operator!= (const BSTR l, const Bstr &r)
bool com::operator== (const char *l, const Utf8Str &r)
bool com::operator== (const BSTR l, const Bstr &r)

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