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#define RT_UNLIKELY ( expr   )     (expr)

Give the compiler a hint that an expression is highly unlikely hold true.

See the usage instructions give in the RT_LIKELY() docs.

the boolean result of the expression.
expr The expression that's very unlikely to be true.
See also:

Definition at line 719 of file cdefs.h.

Referenced by DECLINLINE(), pcnetPollTimer(), pcnetTdtePoll(), pcnetTransmit(), pcnetUpdateIrq(), pgmHandlerPhysicalSetRamFlagsAndFlushShadowPTs(), rtR0MemObjLinuxAllocPages(), rtR0MemObjNativeGetPagePhysAddr(), rtRandGenBytes(), tmVirtualGetRawNanoTS(), VBoxU32PtrDone(), and VBoxU32PtrHashSlow().

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