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#define RT_ALIGN ( u,
uAlignment   )     ( ((u) + ((uAlignment) - 1)) & ~((uAlignment) - 1) )

Align macro.

u Value to align.
uAlignment The alignment. Power of two!
Be extremely careful when using this macro with type which sizeof != sizeof int. When possible use any of the other RT_ALIGN_* macros. And when that's not possible, make 101% sure that uAlignment is specified with a right sized type.
Specifying an unsigned 32-bit alignment constant with a 64-bit value will give you a 32-bit return value!

In short: Don't use this macro. Use RT_ALIGN_T() instead.

Definition at line 755 of file cdefs.h.

Referenced by DarwinCursorCreate(), pdmR3QueueCreate(), pgmR3PoolInit(), supdrvOSContAllocOne(), supdrvOSLockMemOne(), supdrvOSMemAllocOne(), supdrvOSMemFreeOne(), and supdrvOSMemGetPages().

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