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VirtualBox.h File Reference

Detailed Description

MS COM / XPCOM Abstraction Layer: VirtualBox COM Library definitions.

Note: This is the main header file that COM/XPCOM clients include; however, it is only a wrapper around another platform-dependent include file that contains the real COM/XPCOM interface declarations. That other include file is generated automatically at build time from /src/VBox/Main/idl/VirtualBox.xidl, which contains all the VirtualBox interfaces; the include file is called VirtualBox.h on Windows hosts and VirtualBox_XPCOM.h on Linux hosts. The build process places it in out/<platform>/bin/sdk/include, from where it gets included by the rest of the VirtualBox code.

Definition in file VirtualBox.h.

#include <VirtualBox_XPCOM.h>
#include "VBox/com/defs.h"

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